Name of artefact
Cisterna La Tartana (Els Munts)
The water supply in the Roman villa of Els Munts is guaranteed by a system of cisterns distributed throughout the village. One of the most significant cistern is known as "la Tartana". This usually is covered by a roof system that ensured the quality and safety of the water. This cistern is the only onepreserved of the nine original cisterns that form a single unit, guaranteeing the supply of water to the upper enclosure of the villa. The chronology of this set to the water supply is situated, as the other structures of the villa, around the second century AD. The amount of water required for daily consumption and especially for the maintenance of the baths had to be very important, so thanks to this system of cisterns, along with the others located within the village wells in addition to such once an external supply system connected to an aqueduct would supply guarantees top of the enclosure.
Country: Spain
Region: Cataluña
District: Tarragona
Municipality: Altafulla
Century: 1,2,3
Age: Romana
Typology of artefact: tank
Related items: Depósito
Category of use: domestic use
Technical function: deposit
Relationship with other artefacts and elements related to water:

Hydrological and morphological aspects:
Zona próxima al mar, sin un río ni punto visible de abastecimiento directo de agua
Landscape aspects:
Pequeña elevación muy cercana a la costa
Architecture: Estructura de opus caementicium situada sobre el terreno, no excavada en el subsuelo. Techo bovedado. Inicialmente formaba parte de un ocnjunto de diversos depósitos abovedados de los cuales solo se conserva uno.
Materials used: Opus caementicium y revestimiento de opus signinum del cual quedan restos dispersos
Building Technique: Muros de opus caementicium revestido interiormente de opus signinum. Boveda de opus caementicium
Transformations: No se observan
Present state: inactive
Ownership: yes
Ties: yes
Accessibility: yes
Usability: yes
State of preservation: good
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Domestic use (Domestico)
Documentation (photo, iconography, cartography, functional diagram of the artefact etc.):
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Name: Ana
Surname: Costa Solé
Institution affiliation: Laboratori d'Arqueologia i Prehistória (UdG)