Caldes de Malavella Canal du Midi Public wash house Fonte do Idolo
The performance of the water is constituted by two elements (performance and video installation) connected to each other in content but with the possibility of having each its own independence, identity and functionality depending on the space where it will be enjoyed.

The performance "on site" is designed as a real show in which a dancer performs in the places that become objects of exploitation. The artifacts in turn, through the technique of the video-mapping (a technique which uses the surfaces of urban architecture as the basis for the projection transforming any surface in a dynamic video display), become witness to their history through the use of video material, graphic and photo duly made and animated. The places become real actors who describe themselves to attract, thanks to the spectacular, the audience.

The video installation is designed to be enjoyed in closed spaces (eg museums, galleries, exhibitions etc.) With the aim to become the testimonial "tour" of sites that become subject to exploitation. Through the use of video, graphic and photographic motion duly made and you want to create an artificial reality to induce certain emotions in the viewer and invite him to rediscover places now forgotten.

The conception of "waterwikipedia" was one of the activities of the project WATER "SHAPES" - Meanings, uses and architectural works related to the most precious gift Culture Programme 2007-2013 - Project Agreement n. 2010 - 1127 / 001 - 001 CU7-COOP7

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